Victor Perlheden


This project is focused around the building placed at Hospital Street 21 in the larger complex. Many times the building has changed to facilitate a new program and some of the later additions are rather unsympathetic, such as the closed galleries towards the street and a plan with a narrow passage and small rooms. The design agenda have been to change these bad ideas to be good idea instead. The unsympathetic additions are removed to restore the historical plan form, so nothing of the historical original substance have been touched and a new roof is proposed to facilitate the studios as an extension.


The building is proposed to facilitate a woodwork shop on the ground floor and studios on the 1. Floor. It is considered that the workshops should be placed on the ground floor so the school will open up to the public in Christiansted and maybe strangers could stop by and use the workshops as well. The idea behind the school is that it will be an open school where all can attend the classes and the workshops. That is also the reason that the complex is not facilitating all the functions required of the first proposed program, instead suggested to spread out some of the studios in the town, so it will generate more life in Christiansted.

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