The project unfolds in the buildings on Hospital Street, in Charlotte Amalie on St. Thomas. Originally the buildings framed a military hospital during the Danish colonial period and after the transfer to the United States the buildings became a municipal school. The school, which previously went by the name Abraham Lincoln School, was in 1982 reopened as J. Antonio Jarvis School, named after the local philanthropist, artist, poet, historian and teacher Jose Antonio Jarvis, who taught at the school until his death in 1963.

The buildings are currently empty and in serious disrepair after the school was closed 10 years ago due to concern for the technical condition of the buildings. The site consists of two main buildings: Building A (three storey building) and building B (a two storey building).

The buildings will be restored and used as a learning center and an integral museum in cooperation with the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. The new museum will house collections from the Native American period to Columbus, colonial history under Danish administration, and the recent history and culture of the Virgin Islands of the United States.


The measuring was divided in two – measuring details of building parts like windows and doors, and making the main drawings. All the inking was made on computers at the spot.

All important doors and windows were measured by hand where e.g. wooden profiles, door handles and hinges was drawn in scale 1:1. Further details of doors or windows were drawn in scale 1:10.

The main drawings consist of three plans, six elevations, and two cross-sectionals in scale 1:50. The measurement was done using a surveyor instrument called a total station.

With a total station, the recorded linear measurements are transferred using a computer program involving a process in which the captured three-dimensional model is subdivided into a two-dimensional plan, section and elevation. Afterwards, the earlier made detailed 1:10 drawings such as windows and doors are inserted directly where required using a few measured key points on the 1:50 drawings.

The presented drawings under the tab “view drawings” is a selection of these.

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