Rudi Hønborg Benkjer


My intention is to preserve the building’s history, mixed with its local Architecture, that reflects the classicistic street image, local norm and period. Not only preserved it, but also bring it into the future as a functional unit,

To achieve this, I chose to give the ruin, partially, back to the city and its inhabitants, by letting a part of the complex become an “Open” building, with access, not only for the students, but also the inhabitants/turists. Hopefully, the unique story and the site itself will again be a functional part of the street that will be seen, used and experienced.


The ruin, in this proposal, is transformed into a library on the 1. & 2. floor and a bookstore on the building’s lower level, facing Hospital Street. The main principle for the transformation is that; it gradually, with a changing approach to the restauration, is changing for each floor. Hence, the building is changing character and visualizes the different periods and materials as displayed layers.

The outer, powerful architectural expression derives from an interpretation of the historic form, materials and architecture, but now in a modern form using yellow brick “baguettes” as sunscreens and concrete.

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