Ruben Kramer


The former barracks complex in Christiansted, St. Croix is located at one of two major access points to the historical town. The proposal aimes to consolidate this significant historical complex as a primary and suitable entrance to historical Christiansted.

The master plan deals with the question of how the site can maintain its historical significance and narrative value as military barracks and, at the same time, add new layers to accommodate it`s new identity.


The site comprises architectural typologies such as galleries, arches and roof structures that are characteristic for the historical building mass is Christiansted and should therefore be restored to their original functions and proportions in order to unify with the urban context of historical Christiansted.

Over all, the transformation strategy aims to clarify the narrative of the historical complex,  add a new identity and strengthen the location as a primary threshold to Christiansted.

The complex should be clearly identified from the street as a historical monument with perimeter walls, portals, open galleries and hipped roof structures, which, in unison represent the essence of the architectural features of Christiansted. At the same time, restoring the proportions of the original roof structures, will strengthen the spatial framing of the threshold to town.

The new building necessary to facilitate the full program of functions and the desired capacity, will take on a strong shape of its own, contrasting the existing building geometry and making possible a new type of flow and cohesion between functions. The new identity will not be immediately visible from the street, but be subtly implied by the new connections and flow to the complex.

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