Nanna Kley-Jacobsen + Victor Emil Fruergaard


Our project aims at investigating the potential quality of densifying Hospital Street with new recidences and a national museum at J. Antonio Jarvis School.

Hospital Street rises from the ocean to the wild tropical nature, and connects the two in a subtle way. The street has the potential of becoming a cultural streak but the traf c is too heavy, the street is lacking density and the streets most beautiful building needs to be restored.


As part of the project In Search of Identity we propose a transformation of Hos- pital Street. We’ve suggested a house with a set of tectonical principles which can be adapted to the rest of the street.

We furthermore propose a restoration of J. Antonio Jarvis School and a transfor- mation of its inner courtyard. The museum needs to be opened up to the public and be a gathering point, where tourists and the public can meet and engage with each other. The museum should work as an educational institution, where the local youth can be taught in their national history.

By making changes in the way you move and the sites wearing surface, we try to make the place more accesible and more uni ed. The courtyard should be a quite space for contemplation, education and perfomances, in lee of the heavy trafic.

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