Maria Danielle Zachariassen


Working with the project “in search of identity”, my focus has been on transforming 23 Hospital Street to hold the public functions of a library and book store for the new architecture and craftsman school. The transformed ruin should be a place for the students and professors as well as for the local community to gather information and meet in a new setting.



The transformation is done by keeping the existing building in its ruinous state, to make the history of craftsmanship and use visible, and adding a new structure of local materials to protect the building from further decay. The wooden construction bearing the roof is founded inside the existing building, and protects the ruinous walls as well as making them free of a bearing function. The deck is created by using the existing beam holes.

In addition to the transformation, there are proposed two infills. The civic kitchen is placed as a central social function in the middle of the site, creating shadow, but keeping the kitchen and seating outdoor. The BA programme and an auditorium are proposed as a three stories new building to facilitate flexible solutions and a good learning environment.

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