Ida Bredsgaard Månsson


– an archive for the national museum in Charlotte Amalie

The buildings that earlier served as the military hospital in Charlotte Amalie are great examples of the former building style on the Virgin Islands during the Danish Colonial administration. With some restoration, they constitute beautiful surroundings for a national museum. However, the right surroundings are not always enough.


At present, a lot of the physical heritage, such as old documents, photos and maps from colonial time, are not available to the Virgin Islanders. Because of the humid climate, many of these documents, etc. were brought to Denmark to avoid degradation. The knowledge that lies in such documents are important, however, for the understanding of Virgin Island history. As part of the collaborative project “In search of identity” between Denmark and the USVI, this project therefore suggests the construction of a new adjacent building, an archive, suitable to preserve a selection of materiale that once was on the Virgin Islands. The archive includes storage of documents as well as facilities for studying the history of the islands.

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