Hildegunn Hindrum Grønningsætter


This project makes use of the ruins of No. 23 Hospital Street as a library for the new Architecture and Craftsmanship School.


The design strategy chosen is directly building on to, and securing the remains of the building. By using directly its constructive parts as fundaments for the new construction, the body is strengthened and made functional, rather than romanticized in its decay.

The archade, together with the different types of arches and openings are considered of great value. The narrative in the stone and local building tecnique is also highly valued, and is enhanced in this project. The meeting between the old and new stone is clearly identifiable in the interior, and can create a strong atmosphere of time and history, which suites the library function. The exterior of the building should be limewashed in the traditional “Government House Yellow” for a symbolically strong appearance.

Climatic challenges are met with an open construction that can facilitate air circulation. The continuation of the brick wall is a cavity wall which can use air circulation to cool off the construction. The building is closed with a semi-circular ceiling made from six glulam beams, insulated with traditional plate insulation, and covered in copper. Heigh ceiling and top opening lets hot air flow up and out. The ceiling opening also lets the sun reflect from its high angle and paint the curved ceiling in indirect light.

Galleries lie on new beams placed in existing wall holes. In this way the vertical quality of the main rooms of the ruins are kept, and contact is allowed between the floors. The library should be an open and inviting building with street contact.

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