Dilja Rannveig Bóasdóttir


Working with “In search of Identity” where the project is to transform the old Barracks at 21-23 Hospital Street in Christiansted to an Architecture and Crafts School my focus has been on the disposition of functions as well as to assess the needed space for the 140 students and 20 staff members. I have also worked with the flow in the complex and outdoor public areas.

In my conclusions there is a need for an additional building to house all functions in the program provided.


In my proposal I place an infill under the raised parking lot allowing the existing courtyard qualities to remain as well as the whole site. Placing the infill underground also acquires other qualities such as keeping the spaces cool and shaded. The infill includes a kitchen, a canteen, auditorium, storage, toilets and a flexible space for exhibitions and other events and a courtyard allowing light to flow into all spaces of the infill. Adding to the flexibility of spaces and uses, many of the walls and windows are moveable allowing inside and outside to flow together.

I additionally propose opening a passage through the groin vault in No. 21, connecting the south side allowing access to a green shaded area with a stream. This creates a green axis through the complex.

Reopening the archade on 21. Hospital Street reintroduces symmetry to the front façade and grants pedestrians safe access around the complex.

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