Anne-Mette Bøtker Nielsen


The project embraces locals as well as turists. It has been important for the future of the area not to loose the locals, but also reach out to the turists to make it work. The hospital street has a nice location facing the coast. Therefore the target has been to make the whole street a popular place, so it’s going to be a “street of culture” with attractions like; theater, museum, cafees, shops and bed&breakfast.


The most important buildning in the area is the main building at the old military hospital. This I would like to preserve and restore to use as exhibition rooms. To highlight this building as the most historical one towards the street. The building beside it is going to be restored with a new and more modern look, witch links to the new building that’s going to be built at the empty site. The new building is going to be built of the same materials as used in the existing buildings, but used differently, so that it fits the area, but stands out as new, not trying to be like the old ones.

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