Ann Sofie Lerche + Julie Hunæus Reuther


In Search of Identity – A social platform

J. Antonio Jarvis School, the former Danish military hospital, has been the primary school for the children in the local area of Charlotte Amalia until 10 years ago. Today, the buildings are left behind, empty and in a poor state.


For the project In Search of Identity we propose a new social initiative for the benefit of the local community and environment by transforming and restoring the existing buildings.

The program is a socially sustainable project that aims to educate and exchange knowledge and skills that will contribute to a common ground for the locals and new generations.

Therefore we suggest a program that will make the site more accessible with a better flow, which will activate the whole area around the J. Antonio Jarvis School.

We suggest a community center and a school with space for workshops, crafts and education. We propose a green initiative and a greenhouse to promote the culture and enhance the understanding of their specific flora and fauna.

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