Amal Abdi Ashur


This project deals with a transformation of the old Danish barracks of St. Croix located on 21st – 23rd Hospital Street, Christiansted. The barracks are to be transformed into an architecture and crafts school as a part of the University of the Virgin Islands (UVI).

The decay of the buildings reveals bites of history that is yet to be discovered. The aim is to resuscitate and rediscover the forgotten and lost history.


The project is inspired by the building traditions of St. Croix interpreted into modern measures. The project connects the complex of the old Danish barracks both horizontal and vertical. The old accommodation for the Danish soldiers located opposed to 21st – 23rd Hospital is utilized as drafting rooms for BA students and a public canteen.

The site on 21st Hospital Street is the main focus of project. The current state of the building is dark, uncomfortable and uninviting. The project resuscitates 21st Hospital Street and recreates the rhythm inside as well as outside. The project creates open, light and naturally ventilated drafting rooms for MA students and useful open areas. The courtyard is an intimate, dynamic and unifying place with a canopy that filtrates the light of the sun. The open-air stair creates space for lectures, events and informal meetings. The former arcade is reintroduced on the ground floor façade reconnecting and reestablish the rhythm of 21st – 23rd Hospital Street. The arcade serves a protecting element for students as well as for people of St. Croix along with providing shelter from sun and rain.

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